Blogging Third Time Around

I’ve started and stopped my personal blog twice already.  And I’m thinking I’m ready for a third time around.  I hope you’re ready to join me.

My first blog was a manually updated HTML page with 15 to 50 word posts.  Almost like a psuedo-Twitter feed of links that interested me.  Apparently, I hadn’t heard of services like Blogger at the time.

First blog circa 1999

First blog circa 1999

One of my favorite posts from June of 1999: “Google and its business plan? Not a portal, they say, but they have a secret weapon to make money? And they won’t partner to sell search results to a portal. Not planning to be bought out? Come on, what are you up to?”  Now we know that the secret weapon was AdWords.

As rudimentary as it was, it helped me connect with Sean Glass.  We started the Yale Entrepreneurial Society (YES) together and then went on to start Higher One together with Mark Volchek who we met though YES.

My second personal blog I ran in 2002 and 2003 with topics like artificial intelligence, start-ups, evolution, lean manufacturing, software development and robots.  I think I stopped about the time I started dating my now wife.  Is that a case study in how being too nerdy and dating don’t mix?  I hope not!

Second blog circa 2003

Second blog circa 2003

I’m starting to blog a third time because I want to participate in online dialogue again in a meaningful way.  If I speak up, I’m hoping that will attract the attention of those with similar interests.  And who knows, maybe we’ll both end up learning something or maybe we’ll end up starting a business together.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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